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Our Services:

  • Business Broking
    • Selling or Buying
  • Business Advisory
    • The Strategic Approach

The team at P+S Business Brokers Melbourne offers a unique approach to the process of selling, buying and providing business advisory services.

We do not “churn” businesses, nor list a business simply for the sake of making our listings look good.  The advice you will receive from your P+S broker will be as factual and professional as possible based on an honest assessment.



The P+S approach to sales is best summed up by the following:

Analysis – Advice – Results

 Your business will be carefully assessed from its management, operations, market and financial position.  In most cases we will use a “Return on Investment” approach to value your business and compare the result with similar businesses on a national database and recommend the range of the potential current selling price.



No matter what your experience base or specific business industry expertise and educational background we undertake to assist you to find the right investment opportunity that fits your background and financial criteria.

We will meet with you and assist in the total process. We will encourage you to closely define the type, size and development stage of your ideal target business.



As P+S is engaged in placing values on businesses every day we are ideally placed to assist  with an arms length, professional appraisal of your business. There are many reasons why this may be needed, including succession planning, disputes and sale. Normally we will respond to requests from accountants, lawyers, financial planners or other professionals.

Larry Green is a Registered Business Valuer and P+S provides valuations to Standard APES 225.



The people at P+S have a background in business and management consulting. Where applicable we partner with highly regarded Accounting and Legal Firms to provide a project managed strategic approach to your transitional needs. The goal is to maximise the transition result through targeting the ideal purchaser, providing a full strategic assessment, in a controlled process.