What Business Brokers Melbourne Can Help You With

Business Brokers Melbourne

Selling or buying a business is no doubt one of the most exciting yet stressful experiences you can embark on. The potential to earn a massive income or profit is attractive to both sellers and buyers and is of course the common motivator of business owners worldwide.

Which is why engaging the services of a trusted business broker is the only way to go. A business broker will help you with as much or as little of the following as you need:

  • Analysis: assessment of your business in terms of its management, operations, market and financial position, comparing the business with similar businesses
  • Advice: recommendations on preparing your business for sale, selling/buying price and a full strategic assessment
  • Acquisitions: helping you find the right investment opportunity to fit your needs
  • Appraisals and valuations: an honest assessment of the valuation of your business, even if you are not considering immediate sale and require a figure for other purposes
  • Documents: preparation of Information Memorandum and Confidentiality Agreements to be signed by prospective buyers
  • Advertising: listing your business where buyers are looking and other promotional activity
  • Managing buyers: screening and qualifying prospective purchasers to ensure suitability
  • Managing the sale: negotiation, meetings, presentations, due diligence, Sales Contracts and settlement

Because all buyers and sellers will differ in their emphasis on elements such as price and timeframes, all business brokers should first meet with you to discuss your expectations, objectives and needs when either buying or selling a business. With a frank and detailed dialogue, you have the best chance of achieving your goals.

As our Melbourne based business brokers have strong backgrounds in business and management consulting, we have a great deal of knowledge on the many business types of various sizes. This means our business brokers can provide strategic and invaluable advice as part of the process.

Our business brokers’ experience shines through in their ability to provide accurate valuations of Melbourne businesses. It is not simply a case of measuring assets, revenue and profits; additional aspects including documentation and even industry trends have a strong impact on the saleability and, therefore, the value of a business.

It is the attention given to all this and more that separates an excellent broker from an average business broker. At P+S Business Brokers Melbourne, our qualified brokers have strong and varied backgrounds to ensure we have the skills to assist both buyers and sellers achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.